New VAX MIDI Keyboard Controller on Kickstarter

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    Who owns VAX77? Can share some reviews?


    Want to help bros save $$$ and own powerful keyboard.

    The team who developed VAX77 MIDI controller that musicians around the world have been raving about is back to build the next VAX for even better playing and affordable price with the 14-bit hi-res velocity, PolyAT, adjustable keys that is perfect for live gigs or home practice. The new VAX gets a revamp in chassis and a few new features can be read here:

    Last close up demo
    AES New Gear: Receptor Integrated with VAX77 1 of 2 | KeyboardMag
    AES New Gear: Receptor Integrated with VAX77 2 of 2 | KeyboardMag

    Poly Aftertouch in action
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