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Discussion in 'Music' started by davea, Nov 22, 2017.

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    Sep 14, 2012
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    Hi everybody,
    I'm happy to introduce the 1st Ep <ESP> of my solo project. I'm writing 1st 'cause it will be many release from this one, quite often to be honest ^^. So there is much more to come!

    You can listen it here:

  3. Herr Durr

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    a little quirky and minimalist... but eh.. why not ? nice job... and keep it up :wink:
  4. foster911

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    If I figure out why most electronic makers mistake percussion and drums manipulations for real music making I'd never die. It's really a bad clinker. Very bad and no hope to mend one’s ways thinking like that.:dunno:
  5. Herr Durr

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    You can argue and baffle yourself all day about what "music" is.. or is not.. if you like it.. do what you like..
    if you get an audience.. then all the better.. all kinds of crap gets acclaim.. that objectively and subjectively it hardly deserves

    no accounting for taste or preference.. in fact or in opinion, most of so called "music" these days is utter crapola , sampled,
    performed on instruments, or otherwise mangled to suit some svengali producer's idea of what is marketable

    If I simply like the way something sounds.. then it's a pleasant noise... no need to even call it music.. and who cares anyway?

    if it sounds good to you .. or anyone else.. then by all means keep doing it for those who appreciate.. I mostly
    do what I do for myself.. and that's enough..
  6. foster911

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    With all props to what you said (agree with 90% of them) but no I can never convince myself of making sth that people would like it but personally I know it's diddly full of shizzle.:bleh:
  7. Herr Durr

    Herr Durr Guest

    since you consistently show yourself to be a man of fine musical taste.. and you know that I know, that I have seen your many
    pronouncements about such over the last two years + .. how could I possibly think you personally would denigrate your integrity
    even if you could score a cool million concocting some cockamamie EDM crap ( or any genre for that matter ) ?
    you would never do that of course... amirite?

    but lots of people can... and do... and many of them are enjoying the filthy lucre that comes simply from producing something
    that people will pay for..

    and now that you mention it... which of your creations thus far.. have displayed a divine transcendence of diddly foshizzle ?
    maybe I missed something..

    inquiring minds wanna know... :yes:
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  8. foster911

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    Man I've nothing to say. You're absolutely right. Right now I'm trying to be an art critic than art creator. It's more fun. You don't need to make anything but just sneer at them and make them despair and like royalists find some partisans around you and cause any new artistic movement to disappear to continue your empire.:bleh:
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