New DDMF Comp called Comprezzore

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    Christian says he learned s so much after MagicDeathEye that he expanded on the
    Concepts of compression without thinking of Hardware Limitations / Emulations.
    So this "attacks" the Time /Loudnes and Curves domain Completely independently

    If you worked with "Real" Samplers or Trackers for that matter
    This thing puts ADSR curves + Compression ALongside things like Transient Designers in one Device!
    and lastly a big emphasis on visual feedback (that is customizable too)

    my short first impression:bow:

    Demo available after the jump
    Instead of an end of the year Sale as always
    DDMF decided to jump on to the Black/cyber Sales around the net.

    So 40% of Everything! Even Discounted Bundles:disco:
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