New beat after long time [needfeedback]

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    I know I end up making those same kind of beats every time. Same as in the type of sounds I use. This time I tried something different, but ended up using a really vintage kind of lead from diva. Again I put Gross Beat, then again I ended up with the same workflow. This happens because I do not want to create a trap like beat, a proper hip hop beat is what I want to make. I did not sample from any song in this. However I used lesser drums than usual. I also "finished" this in a lot less time.

    Any advice will be helpful. I generally focus more on production as I want to improve my music theory knowledge. Also tell if I am not in key (808, synths etc.) I have also added project file (FL 20), if anyone can help me with the arrangement etc. Only Diva, Kickstart and OTT are used, rest all FL plugs.

    I could not upload it here because of file size. Project and beat
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    If you wanted to create "a proper hiphop beat" and "not a trap beat", why did you use 808s, trap patterns and half time programming - in other words everything that defines trap???

    Besides that, i like the main melody. The subbass 808s don't fit the arch of the melody and the snareclap sounds too distant and lacks punch, though.
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