Need some help mapping MIDI device

Discussion in 'Studio' started by Bunford, Feb 19, 2018.

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    Ok, I will come clean here, I friggin' hate mapping MIDI devices as it bores the crap out of me! For this reason I find it difficult to learn how to MIDI map properly.

    However, i have just added a Behringer BCR2000 to my studio setup to have all the knobs to control VST instruments, such as soft synths and drum machines.

    I ideally want to have a setup where whatever the device/instrument that is in focus/selected on my DAW, that the BCR automatically follows it and gives me the controls for that devices, without altering anything for the other devices/instruments at the same time obviously. Also, that any controls that are mapped to the BCR for specific instruments are remembered and done so globally for any other projects i may open up.

    Anyone able to offer up any advice on doing this?
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    try this group over at yahoo as a starting point:
    there are sysex files, documents and other resources to download once you subscribe.
    And links to a coupla bits of software that can come in handy, for example:
    and, if you wanna get deep into programming the thing, but I see that you don't :)
    read the "secret bc.pdf" from this page:

    When I got in a bcf2000 a few years ago, I pretty much learned all I needed to know to get up and running from that yahoo group.
    I hate the way the messaging works for yahoo groups though.
    Anyway, it's pretty much a case of setting up presets on the thing for the software you want to control as you go along. That stuff is in the manual.
    I agree mapping is tedious, I much prefer software with a midi learn clickability these days 'coz time's a'wastin'.
    good luck
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