Need help with programming wallpaper for kontakt instrument

Discussion in 'Kontakt' started by WolwerineBlues, Sep 3, 2015.

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    Jul 25, 2015
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    Ok guys if you have some free time check this out, i need your help i found somewhere on internet sample of Enigma flute and i played little with it in the kontakt and made this instrument now i need you help to programm a wallpaper for this flute i have already finished wallpaper.

    Here is a little demo how flute sounds i improvised some melody :

    Here is the wallpaper sample how would wallpaper look in the kontakt :

    If you guys like it i will send you whole project - sample flute and flute instrument kontakt file and wallpaper offcourse (photoshop project) to edit, and if you finish it we can share it with people on audioZ :thumbsup:
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    If u don't want any performance view controls you simply save your wallpaper as .png or .tga.
    They the main formats used then simply declare the wallpaper i.e in script slot one write the following
    on init
    set_ui_height_px(400)   {Set at height required in pixels}
    set_script_title("Enigma Flute")
    set_control_par_str($INST_WALLPAPER_ID,$CONTROL_PAR_PICTURE,"???????")  {where question marks are put name of picture}
    set_control_par_str($INST_ICON_ID,$CONTROL_PAR_PICTURE,"???????")  {name of icon, format .tga 39x39ish}
    message("")  {Clears messages}
    end on
    Make a resource folder & in pictures folder put the picture & text file that describes it i.e Notepad write

    Has Alpha Channel: yes
    Number of Animations: no
    Horizontal Animation: no
    Vertical Resizable: no
    Horizontal Resizable: no
    Fixed Top: 0
    Fixed Bottom: 0
    Fixed Left: 0
    Fixed Right: 0

    encode in ANSI & save with same name as picture and save both to the resources folder, Pictures folder, along with icon tga & text file
    Declare script & that's it, encode into .nkr if u wish or more simply use default icons and declare wallpaper from Instrument options etc but then Kontakt will display height by default.
    If you stuck PM me some details.
    If u want some basic performance view controls etc you will need script etc can help but will take a little time as really busy. Would estimate around 2-3 weeks, could be longer could be a lot shorter unless u have a script u want to use.

    Either way PM me if u get stuck or want a script sorting.

    Nice one, :yes:

    Good Luck :bow:
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  4. WolwerineBlues

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    Jul 25, 2015
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    Thank you for the reply but am too stupid for programming :rofl:i don't need any extra control on wallpaper just to put wallpaper on instrument.
    Only control available on this instrument is the pitch weel on you midi keyboard i will PM you and send you whole project :mates:
  5. dazz

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    Apr 12, 2014
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    Kontakted v2.2 is now available and features the ability to add Manual and Auto SNPID numbers thanks for your support
    heres a link - Previous Owners email me for an update there always free
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