Need a way to fix efs and i have a secondary note 8

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by ThomasGrace, Mar 6, 2020.

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    I got a second note 8 in a different color so what I wanted to do was create a backup on my current one and transfer it into the new one which I did but i didn't realize I also restored the efs from my current one and I think I might have messed up my efs since I get no imei or base band unknown. download ringtones free:
    I've read somewhere on xda that its possible to use a primary working efs then restore it to the defective one and then change the imei with adb, but im not sure if thats true. Currently im in the process of trying to download stock rom and refresh it but its not working at all what it does it installs but it gives me an error and reboots a couple of times then launches me to recovery with the message "Failed to verify dmverity hash tree". So now does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do?
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