Need A how to write melodies Production music live course free Download link

Discussion in 'Electronic' started by Patel Jay Kumar, Jan 13, 2019.

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    It's a bit of a mistake to generalise about popular music, 'cos while frequently it's fresh-frozen McCattle slave slop, sometimes it's just a real great tune, riff or sentiment. Much effort has been made in homogenising 'hit' music for sure, but it's the boundless expressive possibilities of melody & harmony that keep us addicted; enthralled... just like chess - some people are naturals while others comprehensively compensate by simply trying harder. For me, truly great artists are those who are helplessly compelled to try express their craft to the best of their abilities and not just for the egoistic, material rewards. Indeed that's why i often surf here. :wink:

    It's hardly sociopathic that somebody who works hard should wish to receive some recognition for a job well done. It's all a question of proportion - and as we all know, capitalism distorts everything!

    IT SHOULD BE: It's not how many who hear it, it's how many that 'get' it.
    IT IS: The more who hear it, the more I might get (p/l)aid.

    In this febrile brave new world, desperation swiftly leads many from the former to the latter... and not just in music. Still society wonders why depression these days is growing faster than Islam.

    All art is manipulative. All real music is structured. Your journey to mega-stardom i think may take some time. :guru:

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    It seems to me that a trained composer might really try to pen a catchy melody, more the merrier.

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