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Are you working with Nebula?

  1. Yes, imo its a game changer.

    30 vote(s)
  2. Yes, but the cpu hit sometimes frustrates me.

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  3. No but i really want to.

    3 vote(s)
  4. One day when i get a better computer, its a dream of mine.

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  5. Nah, not for me but have heard great things about it.

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  6. Nah, not worth the cpu hit.

    23 vote(s)
  7. I hate it. It sucks.

    6 vote(s)
  1. northwinds

    northwinds Ultrasonic

    Jan 11, 2014
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    Yeah as someone who bought N4, I'm incredibly underwhelmed with their response to customers!
  2. SharkBait O-reily

    SharkBait O-reily Kapellmeister

    Aug 5, 2015
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    The only thing more legendary than Acustica sound is how subpar their customer support is -- don't know why their ceo defends them vehemently. They need to gut out the entire system and replace it. I mean look at their options for sub-type of problem after selecting technical support:

    what type of problem is it?
    "issue, incident, problem, error, regression error, intermittent error " HUH???

    -- can't they even understand that all these options are not mutually exclusive and many of these are can be interchangeable and what average person knows what a regression or intermittent error is??

    then after going through all of that, 9 out of 10 times their response is :
  3. phumb-reh

    phumb-reh Audiosexual

    Jun 20, 2019
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    I'll try to be a developer-to-human translator here...

    • Issue: something that hampers your usage of the software, but not something that fails constantly, e.g. "I'm having difficulty adjusting X value" instead of "X not working at all".
    • Incident: an one-off malfunction of the software, possibly causing data loss, for instance "I lost all of my presets". The software runs otherwise.
    • Problem: Something that's not clearly documented, but not necessarily a failure in the software. "How do I activate the output filter?" or somesuch.
    • Error: a constant failure of the software, something like "I get a permissions error trying to write a preset"
    • Regression error: an error that was fixed earlier but has since then come back
    • Intermittent error: an error that only happens randomly, and not directly linked to any obvious user activity

    I agree that this is needless when dealing with customers, these things are for QA and beta testers really.
  4. Jaymz

    Jaymz Audiosexual

    Apr 5, 2016
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    In a mix
    I like them all... AA..Algo plugs and Hardware. I have a studio full of Hardware that "to me" nothing can replace. I have compressors I can do 20db reduction on a vocal, and you will never hear it except for its lovely sweet goodness that sets so nicely in a mix . Nothing!!! Quite sounds like good hardware compression...Nothing at all.. DSP is much faster but doesn't always do it for me dynamically... To grabby for my liking ,and always kills the transient. Hardware lets it breathe, and yes thiers a space in the sound that I just love. Can I use DSP ??? Absolutely ,and I do everyday. It has its place in every production I do, as does my hardware + Acustica Audio. Been using Acustica Audio since late 2009 ,2010ish. Absolutely nothing like it in DSP form. AA is the future IMO. DSP is great now days and I love many plugins BUT>>>The hardware sound of EQs preamps and saturation ,I can only hear in Acustica Audio products. DSP is DSP... an they are 2 totally different animals..DSP is static...Analog is an ever changing signal that never moves the same way twice. An electrical circuit is ever changing. Thats what I love about it . yes!!! I know !!! thiers a million side by side blind tests ITB vs Gear that could keep me busy till this time next year. I'll pass...i have work to do ,an I'll tell you why . Untill you have16, 36 48,more or less channels of audio flowing through a great analog mixer... flowing through some great analog boxes of your flavor EQ /Compression/FX an converting back into a stellar AD converter ....VS an ITB mix AB comparison in your studio coming out your monitors you'll never know ✌ its Night an Day .I never use stereo wideners of any kind ...cause I get it Analog. Paners sound better too. I could go on an on an jack off about it but I won't . Personal preference is all an what my ears tell me .Speaking of that I'm still hearing Amp Sims are as good as the real thing too lol. Think about that ??? Simulation of the real thing is just as good lmao ! Says who ? Virtual sex is better than the real deal OK no FCKN way lol. Are you serious ? I have them all...amp Sims...Kemper...Fractal...Quad Cortex...Helix ! Good stuff !!!BUT I use real amps sorry. Lol. Show me one major label release with all amp sims ??? All plugins ??? Doesn't for a good reason unless its an all digital production that was done with samples and mixed ITB......but even so, the samples where recorded with REAL GEAR an hardware All productions these days use REAL GEAR and DSP together to make a great piece of music. I have my personal favorite ,hybrid setup as everyone else has thiers. Glorifying mediocrity is the new norm these days. Just because you can't reach the standard doesn't mean you should shit on it to bring it down to your level. The Standard is there and has always been there for a simply just works SO ! Truth is>>>>Make great songs and use what you like and can afford... and if thats a Laptop/plugins,Hybrid setup or an All analog studio it won't matter.The man or Woman who knows thier tools and has the greatest songs always wins, not the gear :winker: But just like anyone else , I have my favorite tools that please my ears. Ive done said that much Merry Christmas ! Xmas or happy Holidays!!!an see you next year. I love all you keyboard RockN warriors lol. :mates::wink: Keep Making great tunes ! Anything else who cares ? :dunno::bleh::bow:
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