Native Instruments folder, can't modify or save anything in there... wow...

Discussion in 'Kontakt' started by Scarlett, Jul 16, 2019.

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    So, I wanted to test this lib, and I read some tricks and what not to add a library via earlier versions of K,
    and it occurred to me I could just add the info of the nict file to the producthints.xml so it appeared registered... but when I tried to save it, wow, I have no access?

    That means NI has authority (absolute) in that folder? I get the message I need admin. permission to change these attributes, but you know, I am it... Tried to change the folder from Ready only to NOT, to no avail.

    With right click I can click on a file, and in that menu I can delete or rename because it appears this icon to the left of the action that seems gives me admin. permission to do so... but that's it...

    If always buy libs if I like them/use them, and devs aren't really any more ethical by concealing lots of facts about their products, I am not ever going to buy another Hans Zimmer Piano just to realize it sucks ballz and so my wallet (even on a sale)...

    Tested other libs via K5.8 portable and thank god I have saved some money...
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