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    denise audio releases two new bit crushers based around an all destructive bit crushing algorithm developed this summer. The first is a classic crusher, is free (when signed up to the denise audio newsletter) and called My Crush. Its big brother, the Bite Harder, includes extra drive, effects, controls and a push-pull graph known from the popular Dragon Fire & God Mode allowing the plugin to target specific frequency ranges to crush.

    Bite Harder

    Bite Harder is a powerful and next level bit crushing tool. It enables you to destroy your audio and make extremely rough and bold sounds by merging the push pull technique, as well as classic bit reduction and sample reduction functionalities: You don’t need anything more than this plugin to go from a clean bassline to a distorted, screaming monster, or to give your drums the edge they need, or to create new glitch/futuristic arrangements thanks to:

    • The push pull graph lets you have complete control over the frequencies that are going to be crushed, giving you endless possibilities and new sounds. Automate it to create organically changing bit crushed lines and create steep curves for screaming resonances. All thanks to multiband control!
    • Silky Control: smooth out the sound of the bit crushing for more delicate hi-end, rounder and warmer sounds.
    • Drive: sometimes less is more, but definitely not with this one. An extra layer of mayhem to make your loops and sounds break and scream even more.
    • Glitch: An extra ring modulator for all your glitching needs. Perfect to create idm, futuristic transitions and effects.

    “Bite Harder is pushing the envelope in terms of Bit Crushing. Abuse the plugin and you will be rewarded with sonic ear candy of the highest order. This is a fabulous sound design tool, super versatile yet easy to use.” Thomas Schumacher
    • Looper & Stutter: Not only this is possibly the only bit crusher you’ll ever need, but you can create extra arrangements, textures and glitches by making your sounds stutter and loop all from one panel. Allowing syncing to a bpm or “free”
    • Clipper: an extra stage of clipping, to tame the crazy distorted digital sounds.
    • Sidechain control: Destroy the sound using an external SC input source.
    • Reduce & Resample. An all destructive bit crushing algorithm that allows you to control the bit and sample rate individually.

    The My Crush, crazy sounding bit crushing for straight forward crushing, will be an exclusive freebee you can grab by signing up to the denise audio newsletter. The Bite Harder retails for 24 EUR (ex vat) but will be on offer for just 8.20 EUR for denise audio newsletter subscribers (for a limited time). It also available as a trial download for an unlimited time.

    Who’s your crush?

    Get My Crush:
    Get Bite Harder:
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