Music theory is the composer's using ideas and structures (made arbitrarily) and nothing more.

Discussion in 'Education' started by foster911, Apr 24, 2018.

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    This video shows when you're talking about music theory, you're talking about the composer's made obligations and not the always-true rules in the reality (physical reality).

    When you read music theory books, in fact you focus on different composers' using styles and want to mimic them. I mean you don't need to know them and make your owns that fit your mentality.

    Music scientists often select the limited facts that fit their made theories.
    Theory is not like F=ma (though I'm doubtful about it too).
    Their alleged theories never cover all the facts and make them annoyed and sickly.:wink:
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    All of you in this thread should be ashamed of yourselves, not only are you feeding the trolls, you just gave them a home, bath & clothes.

    Probably the most derailed thread this year, Congrats and to show staff gratitude, moderation is going to be step up a notch, until things stabilize.

    We are sensing tension among members here and it has to stop or mellow out, we want everyone here to feel welcomed to, not challenged every-time they respond and personal attacks.

    There are a few members here that will be going on vacation from here shortly,if their actions don't halt immediately, but for the rest of us please, act here as if you were at a civilized environment that is self-sustaining.

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