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    Hello everyone,
    Not sure if this is the right place to post this so sorry in advance!

    I am doing a research project for my Uni course and Im looking into app based music production.
    The project is about the use of mobile apps such as Cubasis/Garageband/iMPC/Model15 etc. To produce music,
    either independently or incorporated as part of the whole production process. I am looking for anyone who has used a music app to create something for one of their tracks/projects, even if you only had a brief go on an app your input will be welcome and very appreciated!

    I just want to know what your experience with it was and if you would use it again? Also what do you think the future hold for this industry considering the fact that we live in the smartphone and tablet era. If you have any opinions please share them.

    Also if you have a spare 5 mins check out one of these questionnaire I made to gather some data. It should take less than 5 mins.
    For experienced producers:

    For any beginners:

    Thanks and sorry for the long post [​IMG]
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