music laws regarding loops?

Discussion in 'Working with Sound' started by samsome, Jun 5, 2020.

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    So if i take a single loop out of reason and just repeat it over and over, would it be ok? can i sell it this way for example?

    also what if i just take the loop repeat it and put a vocal over it?

    i'm trying to understand usage of terms of music law

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    Most of the time loops have a license agreement saying not to use in isolation or on its own without adding anything else to it. Reason loops might be different because it's more of a sound generator DAW type thing so if you can find a fool to by a repeating loop then might be ok. Read the license agreements to be sure
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    A good basic way to understand it all: nobody cares what you do at all. Until you start making good money from it, then lawyers come out of the woodwork and try to win a piece of the pie from you. There's little you can do to prevent them from doing their parasitical job, since even if your material is 100% original, they have some space to claim it "sounded similar to their client's production" according to their studies or AI scanner. Of course just because they claim it doesn't mean they will win the case.

    For Reason and other stock loops, the probability is really high that nobody cares about what you do with them, even if you make a hit song with it. People will laugh at you for using a Reason stock loop unchanged, though. And some upload/publishing/stock music places like CDBaby etc., prohibit stuff made with stock loops because they see it as a low quality effort that's not worth their time listing and selling, plus they don't want to deal with licensing issues if they arise.
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