More nicnt and wallpapers?

Discussion in 'Samplers' started by BaSsDuDe, Jan 11, 2018.

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    I created a pile of my own as well as having many already created by enthusiastic users. I am happy to share them though I have not copied them into a single folder and compressed into a single file as yet.

    As a noob technically to these forums I figured I probably do not have permission as yet because I certainly do not have permission to post requests although I have no idea why not because my login kind of says I do.

    If there are a pile of you saying yaya, then once it gets to around 10-20 you guys can contact admin and I will put them up for approval for download.
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    Any member can post a request at AudioZ.
    If you received a denial message it's most likely because you didn't chose a category.

    Like in this image:

    Same apply to post a pack of ninct and wallpapers too.
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