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    hi all,

    received yesterday, installed vst3 plugin work perfectly with a great sound!

    • Monophonic wavetable synthesiser
    • 8 oscillators in total with 2 selectable waveforms and mixer stage
    • 40 unique waveforms available split into 8 banks of 5 morphable waveform sets
    • VA, digital and generative waves are available along with selections from the Modal 002
    • Process and cross modulate waveforms with 1 of 16 oscillator modifiers including Frequency / Phase Modulation, Hard / Window Sync, Ring / Amp Modulation, Derez / Bitcrush, Wavefolders and Waveshapers
    • Multi option Unison / spread to detune the 8 oscillators for a huge sound
    • 3 x envelope generators for Filter, Amplitude and Modulation
    • 2 x audio rate LFOs
    • 8 slot modulation matrix with 8 sources, each source can have 1 destination. (LFO1, LFO2 and MOD-EG assignable from CRAFTsynth, Velo, Note, ModW, AftT and Expression assignable from MODALapp)
    • Program and transpose patterns with the built in sequenced arpeggiator
    • 2-pole resonant filter that can be morphed from low pass, through band pass, to high pass
    • Delay and distortion (waveshaping overdrive, not bitcrushing) effects
    • Optional MIDI clock sync for LFOs and Delay
    • 64 preset storage locations
    • 8 key touch MIDI keyboard with 8 custom scales and root note selection
    • MIDI DIN in and out
    • Analogue clock sync in and out (configured to the KORG / Teenage Engineering specification)
    • Class compliant MIDI provided over USB connection to host computer or tablet
    • Headphone and line output
    • Powered by USB or 3 x AA batteries
    • Optional software editor available for macOS, Windows, iOS and Android
    • Portable and compact design
    • Dimensions: 150mm x 135mm x 68mm (6”x5 1/2”x 3”)
    VST 3 instance:
    • Audio plugin version of MODALapp for tightly integrating CRAFTsynth 2.0 with your DAW.
    • Control and automate all patch parameters from your DAW
    • Record DAW automation from the hardware panel
    • Sync device to DAW tempo and transport
    • Store and recall edited ‘unsaved’ patch data – no need to save patch changes to the device
    • Send DAW track MIDI directly to the device
    • Control multiple devices simultaneously using multiple plugin instances
    • Direct MIDI connection to device providing easy setup
    • Available in VST3® and AU® formats (64-bit)
    • Available for macOS 10.10 and above, Windows 7 and above

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    This little rascal keeps bursting out of the internet shouting buy me.
  4. flush with your foot

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    not so expensive, so little with big sound, great to tweak, love Bristol sound!
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