Mixing/Mastering Solo Piano with Ref-Track

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    I'm trying to mix my solo piano piece using a Final Fantasy Piano Collection song as a reference. I'm not a professional mixer but do understand a bit and I was wondering if anyone could help me and give me some pointers in the right direction for nailing this sound.

    This is my piece:

    This is the piece I want it to sound like in mixing/mastering sense:

    I used 8dio's 1928 steinway piano to sample the piece, (however I'm thinking a better piano sampled would work better. thoughts?). And used Izotope 7 to mix and master. Also used altiverb mechanics hall reverb and a short delay. However, thats I usually mix when doing orchestral work and I added it to this solo piano piece and I feel my mix is kind of ugly... but I am my own worst critic lol.

    Any suggestions from anyone?