minimum gpu for modern vst plugins

Discussion in 'Computer Hardware' started by wasgedn, Sep 9, 2018.

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    ok i can give info that the chipset driver and changing resolution did make it able to run audio damage plugin's gui' all said it just wanted to report back...damn would i have a hdmi port on mobo i would be set...thx again n12no for dl the driver for me..i missed bout chipsetdriver completly...
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    I have come full-circle. In the late 90s through about 2001, a lot of plugins had no custom GUI, and I tended to avoid those as being a bit ghetto. Nowadays I find it a lot more efficient and easier on the eyes to just keep the GUI closed and tweak the parameters in the Bitwig rack.

    FWIW my ancient GTX260 still kicks ass for most uses, apart from the newest games. I like that more laptops now have decent graphics, but I am not willing to pay extra for the portability.

    For those who can't run the latest VSTs, you can do any DSP they can in SuperCollider with no graphical overhead at all. It's just a different workflow.
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