MeldaProduction MDrummer Update to 6.03 (15 feb 2016)

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    MDrummer 6.03 changes

    • MDrummer Large is now available as 15 days trial.
    • Added MWaveFolder and MOscilloscope effects.
    • Added support for HDPI on Windows and Retina on OSX.
    • Improved support for systems with mutliple displays.
    • Added tempo/time-tap feature to all controls of tempo or frequency - hold alt and left click and release to set the value.
    • Sonograms heavily optimized for CPU, GPU and memory.
    • Added info to all bar graphs for harmonics etc. such as for harmonics in all oscillators.
    • Loudness meters redesigned - they now show green area "below" the target level, so that once it exceeds the target level, it is clearly marked red.
    • Improved VST3 compatibility with Reaper.
    • Added dry/wet to MAmp.
    • Added 4 guides to all time graphs, which you can use for visualisation purposes.
    • Removed "AAX (UI)" postfix from ProTools menu, it might be needed to clear PT's cache.
    • Added -100%..100% units to all time graphs.
    • Added LU meter option to make the green area -1..+1 LU as it was before.
    • Added Pre/Post option for equalizer in MReverb.
    • MReverb FX now disables late reflection processor when late is at 0% saving up to 70% CPU.
    • Style wizard is now smaller.
    • Fix: Analyzer settings were too big in knobs mode.
    • Fix: Sonograms caused serious memory leaks.
    • Fix: Fixed hypotetical possibility of calculation errors in some plugins.
    • Fix: Fixed a few hypotetical problems.
    • Fix: Clearing points of a graph after a step sequencer delete all points even if there were mandatory 2.
    • Fix: LP/HP filters in dynamic equalizers (and plugins containing a dynamic eq) didn't reset correctly on panic/reset.
    • Fix: Improved support with El Capitan.
    • Fix: Knobs were not resizing correctly for sizes <100%.
    • Fix: Rhythm editor / Advanced / Generate from template / Generate template didn't work.
    • Fix: Shift + Click on randomize button for effects to undo last randomize didn't work.

    More infos: MeldaProduction | MDrummer
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