Max for Live pack (specially DVT releases) crashing cracked Live 10 MacOSX

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    Sep 12, 2019
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    Aloha, my friends.

    Recently, i've installed Live 10 and authorized via r2r and...

    recently, i've downloaded a pack of M4L essentials and...

    i've been installing all along and testing some of the new plugins and instruments but suddenly, when I tried to run the pallas.amxd and other instruments from Max for Cats released by DVT my live just crashed. and then, it constantly crashes.

    to solve the basic problem, i get into my Application Suport/Cycling74' folder and moved it to thrash. but I'm really trying to find the real problem here.

    is it memory? I got 16GB ram from my 2019 macbook air.

    is it licensing issues?

    is it some kind of solved thread?

    is there anyone experiencing something similar?

    I just can't run Max for Cats instruments AT ALL or is there really someking of a licensing/wall problem?

    1 - my Ableton still works if i don't mess around with M4L too much

    2 - the crash is triggered directly by trying to open Pallas, for example.

    3 - some other M4L devices just worked smoothly.

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