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    I'm aware of and appreciate the irony of asking for marketing advice on a forum largely composed of people who pirate this stuff for free, but I don't have the same mainstream mindsets as most people and I find this board, and the music pirates thereof, are actually much better for my inquiries than forums filled with conventional-only thinking professionals and wannabes.

    Anyway, I've wanted to dip my toes into making and selling my own brand of presets and sounds for a few years and I'd been working on a product off and on throughout that time (I would've had it done a long time ago if circumstances allowed me) and now that I'm pretty close to finishing it and have gathered online stores that would have a good chance of selling it, I'm wondering how exactly I can advertise and market it to get the word out.

    The context for this question includes the fact that I have marketing experience with other online creative pursuits and are somewhat familiar with the most obvious things to do - Facebook ads, Youtube ads and whatever potential offers the stores themselves might offer me. What I'm trying to sell is just a small thing to start with: 60-80 Multis for Omnisphere 1.5 and 2.x with a variety of sounds that aren't what I typically find in other peoples' libraries (everyone seems to want to make bread-and-butter sounds, this is the opposite of that) for $5.00 and let it see how it does and if it can build me some additional cash over time. I have some money I can spend on advertising and marketing for it, but as I'm not trying to start a big company or anything, dropping $1,000+ in advertising it would be foolish.

    I was probably also going to leak it to AudioZ myself, as I feel piracy for products is simply inevitable and I'd rather just do it myself and build a decent camaraderie with music pirates instead of doing what other enterprising entities do and treat them like the enemy. I do not subscribe to the business theory that "why buy the cow when I can get the milk for free?" always applies.

    Other than what I have written here, what are some things I can do or services I can use that could help me get the word out for my Omnisphere library release?

    Thank you!
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