Malware warnings from warez - guide - how to receive help and advice

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    Every now and then especially new members got frightened by any kind of malware warnings from warez.

    Often warez need to apply changes in the registry or in some files which are seen as crucial by firewalls and virus scanners and this is why these tools are showing warnings or even immediately quarantine keygens or other executable files from warez.
    On principle, this is not only a normal but wanted behaviour of firewalls and virus scanners.
    The downside, of course, is that some users will be bewildered by this and the installation is interrupted or even completely aborted.

    Step One: don't panic.

    Step Two: if you have a reasonable suspicion that a software contains malware, explain the problem here at audiosex.

    To receive the best help possible if you've found a file with malware warnings, please give at least these details:
    1. exact name of the release, including version and team (no live link!)
    2. where did you download the file from
    3. name of your antivirus software
    4. what warning message did you receive exactly
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