MAGIX LC1 Continuous Loudness Control

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    LC1 applications The plug-in has been designed for use in both production and broadcasting. LC1 controls loudness as well as loudness range (LRA). Loudness Control (Loudness) can be used for long-term, barely perceptible adjustment of the average loudness. Loudness Range Control (LRA) is for normalizing spontaneous loudness jumps. Normalizing live input signals As a master channel plug-in Normalizing objects and tracks Fully automated file-based workflows As a master plug-in in broadcast channels For stereo and surround

    Industry standards for production, archiving and broadcasting. With the introduction of EBU R128 and ITU-R BS.1770 international broadcasting standards for TV and radio programs in Germany, Europe and worldwide, there has been an increasing demand for tools for modulating loudness in production, archiving and broadcasting.

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