mackie big knob studio - any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Computer Hardware' started by tnussb, Feb 26, 2018.

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    Does anyone use a mackie big knob studio in combination with Windows 7? How is it's performance especially the performance of the USB audio interface?

    The main usage would be to route the output of a mixer through the big knob studio into the laptop (for some post processing and recording) and back out to the monitors.

    I'm looking for a budget solution, because it's just a secondary setup for recreational stuff (jamming with some elektron machines etc.pp).
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    That's rather nifty! Mixing your hardware with a mixer and recording it into a computer. That's pretty much what I do. Except that one of the hardwares is a laptop with VSTs. :wink: Recording through a mixer gives everything a bit more edge to start with. I love it! :wink:

    Tip: have you tried overloading your mixer inputs? :P Analogue is so much better at saturation, overdrive and distortion. Even though VST plugins can also sound cool, but different.

    Regarding BIg Knob drivers, the word on the net is that Mackie drivers suck regarding latency. :( Well, it's just what I've read on GS, probably. However, since you've got everything set up outboard that shouldn't be a problem for you. Big Knob is really cool. I do prefer the non-USB version, though.

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    New Big Knob line looks pretty cool. I don't know about the drivers (@SineWave had more insight about it) but I especially like they finally made passive monitor controller.
    I had old Big Knob as monitor controller in my studio for some time and experienced bad audio quality. The sound passing through it was colored too much.
    Sold it, bought Presonus Monitor Station V2 and I'm happy like :crazy: now
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