Looping vocalizes "into infinity"

Discussion in 'Working with Sound' started by Triple, Oct 3, 2018.

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    Can you share your techniques of how would you loop a 4-seconds vocalize (some 'aaaa' vowel sung by a singer) to make a 1 minute-long continuous vocalize, in such a way so that no one will notice where the loop begins and ends?

    Please tell me the finest details of how would you crossfade one loop with the next one (how many milliseconds should the crossfade last? linear or logarithmic shape of the crossfade?, etc...)

    I use FL Studio 12 and iZotope RX6 - if you could explain on the basis of these software, that would be even more great

    Thank you!
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    If you want it to be seamless, the loop needs to be quite short and there must not be anything fancy happening in the audio. You need a consistent sound. If there's even a slight vibrato for example, the loop points need to match it. Think of all those thousands of really boring vocal patches on various romplers.

    I assume there is however something special and interesting going on in the sample you want to use. Like changes in the timbre/pitch as the sample goes on. It is nearly impossible to capture that in a loop in a natural way. So I don't know, maybe try a/the granulizer?
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    zoom all the way in and start deciding where would you want to loop . ("not always the case but find a consistent sustain")
    preferably put the snap setting to snap to zero
    set Playback on loop
    create loop points that sounds nature enough (Loop Starting & End Point) (if recording wasn't perfect tweak in melodyne)
    Export from Rx
    Import To DAW , VST , Rompler etc.
    match the key of the vocal recording to rompler or vst you'll be using
    then tweak LFO & Pans & Voices & Unison etc. (to taste)
    add in efx within the same engine (to taste)
    Save Patch.
    i usually Use it once and forget about it lol
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