Looking for clients that need mixing or mastering

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    If you got a band, if you are an artist,
    you will need your songs to be edited, mixed or mastered.
    Adam Ford is here for you!
    I offer my services to make your music stand out giving you the best sonic experience you can get!

    With a 6 years experience on this fields,

    I mostly mix and master different genres, for example:

    - ambient, post rock, melodic hardcore, indie, folk, trap, cloud rap;
    - synthwave, chillwave, vaporwave, future funk;
    - dream pop, shoegaze, drone;
    - post black metal, post metal, hardcore, punk, post punk, math rock, djent, stoner, sludge, death and doom metal;
    - pop, rock, jazz, funk, soul, hip hop, rap.

    If you are interested we can work together and
    For this Summer you get 1 song for free.

    Just send me your lossless files recorded at minimum 16 bit/44.1 kHz sample rates or higher!

    If it's the first time we work together, you get a 50% discount on whatever you are working on (a song, an EP, a full length album, you name it).

    References are available under request.

    My services includes:


    - Pitch and voice editing;
    - Time editing;
    - Glitch editing;
    - Drum replacement.


    - Mono and Stereo Mix;
    - 3D Stereo Mix;
    - Surround Mix.


    - DDP Mastering;
    - Vinyl/Cassette Mastering
    - Stereo Mastering;
    - 3D Stereo Mastering;
    - Stems Mastering;
    - Audio Video Sync;
    - Surround Mastering.

    Write me a PM if interested.

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