Looking for a talented guitarist.

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by MrLyannMusic, Aug 23, 2019.

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    Long of story short i run a small home recording studio, and i have been doing mostly well, expect some hardware problems lately, but now all is sorted. a lot of my clients are solo artist, they come to me with their music written in guitar pro or as midi, and they don't play any instruments or even guitars or anything, i don't play instruments, so i either propose we use virtual instruments (for the guitars) or recommend that they look for someone good enough to track their guitar parts, (i usually ran into stereo problems with virtual guitar, as compared to real recorded performance they lack that stereo width wish forces me to address this with plugins which results in phase problems so i stopped proposing and and start asking them to bring or look for someone to do the tracking. it partially works, and sometime i end up loosing the client, because they either lazy to look, or can't afford the time to.

    so here is what i'm proposing, i need a partner that have decent recording hardware and real good guitar skills to work with me, my country prohibits me from sending money out, without having special authorization or owning an import/export business, so what i'm offering, is my services as mixing mastering or even composing, or again working on your midi written songs, or if you are a Youtuber, that needs consistent work, to make a partnership with me.

    if you're interested, either reply or send me a pm.

    Please don't propose Facebook pages or groups or anything, i asked here because i know this community, and i trust it blindly.
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    I'm a lead guitarists and a producer and i can work in any music genre. I work 2 ways one i charge for the piece free royal Or i get pay by royalty of the song.

    If you are interesting send a message back.
    Also i work fast.
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