Logic Pro save session with all components/samples/plugs

Discussion in 'Logic' started by garfinkle, Apr 9, 2022.

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    Feb 25, 2014
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    ...as a self-contained file or folder.

    Why not? Because you can't.

    Which is really REALLY annoying.

    You can do this with many other multi 3rd party plug supported programs. Why not Logic Pro.

    If anyone has a decent workaround for saving and transferring a Logic session, Id love to hear it.

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    Jan 10, 2016
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    Yhea, Logic's Consolidate package is limited to
    • Audio
    • Sampler data
    • Alchemy data
    • Ultrabeat|Drummer samples
    • H264 Video
    • Apple Sound Lib Content
    • Space Designer IR
    Would be nice to have 3rd party AUs and loaded content in state also exported in the package but I think this is a limit of AU2 which is getting long in the tooth. Maybe even some of the DRM and permissions of MacOS could be problematic.

    AU2 is getting old and needs an update there are some really silly limits like no AU to AU midi routing although there is an open data channel that can exchange info between the plugins as to their states, there is no way to enumerate it in DAW.

    Generally if I need to transfer, I just make a project alternative print 3rd party FX and consolidate. Good thing is that package size is not a limit and since the package is just an alias for a folder if you transfer to an other OS you can still extract whatever is inside as audio/samples/loops/IR/Vid. The files can get really heavy if you stack alternatives on every transfer. I generally do some housekeeping at some point and trim junk takes and tracks as Logic just saves everything.