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    I think about posting this on How to Get that sound section but i decided it belongs to here.
    Many times we all discussed and researched about what library does sound best or sounds good but there is too little information about playability for example :

    On this piece of music you can hear fast legatos fast bow up and downs on the strings from start 0:01. Is there any sample library giving that feel ? or any close ? i am open to advices i looked many of them and couldnt find lets change to fast legatos okay now change to staccatos on 200 bmp from midi keyboard okay we are playing 2 notes at same now library :(. to be honest i am looking for imitating that kind of playing on any library. Again i am open to your suggestions and advices

    and this is an easy one where can i find 1:06 cymbal fxes like this ? i have found couple of these and couple of libraries but i wonder about what is the most used and famous one ? i am open to your suggestions and advices (i ask this because i really wonder about what people use and what is the famous one i heard that 1:06 that cymbal fx 1000 times on other big producations like this i really wonder what they are using)

    Cheers ! : )

    (note: i still think you cant go over certain bmp with vsts (you can go over but it starts to sound fake) )
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