KRK Rokits saturate

Discussion in 'Studio' started by ripkeed, Jan 9, 2023.

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    For it work work you must have low volume output on mac, and regulate higher on speakers.

    You cant have high volume output on mac and low on speakers. that doesn't work.
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    Gentle reminder...Always read the product manual before using. Will enable you to quickly resolve most issues in most cases.

    At the end of page 3, beginning of page 4 (current manual):
    We call it volume because it is the easiest way to understand Input sensitivity. Our amplifier runs
    wide open and then you adjust how “hard” you hit it with input sensitivity, also known as a pad.

    For ROKIT G4 if you put the VOLUME at 0.0dB that is professionally known as +4 dBu. If you put the
    VOLUME at 11.0dB that is professionally known as -10dBV.

    Running at +4 is “quieter” than -10. -10 hits the amp a lot harder so it is perceived as “louder”. But,
    in essence, this is incorrect. All you are doing is reducing your headroom and dynamic range. The

    bigger issue is that you will have a much worse signal-to-noise ratio running at -10, again, because
    the amp is wide open and you are now putting more gain in front of it. So, because of all of that,
    the more “pro” way to run the monitors is at +4 for almost all situations. You will have more
    headroom and dynamic range and that will make your music and mixes feel better and more
    “open” as you work.
    So, when would you want to use settings greater than 0.0dB? To match volume level with other
    monitors you use in your studio. If you are connecting to them directly from your computer’s
    headphone jack, you may need a bit more “volume”, adjust to tast

    While this is informative, it is not concise. With near field monitors, you really should not need to go beyond 0db.
    Using an unbalanced connection will hit the input of the powered monitors harder while also changing the tonal character.
    A proper balanced connection will give you maximum headroom & clarity.

    I would reset the on-board DSP of the monitors to start. Also make sure you cable(s) are proper & solidly connected. 1/8" & 1/4" sometimes require a slight out/in motion to make sure the connection is good.

    Now start with Mac output (50-75%) & DAW Stereo Out/Master level (below 0db).

    One final question. Are you over-driving the signal prior to the final output in your DAW (channels, busses, plugins)?
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    Well, it's at least partly true because OP has trouble with the sound, right? Of course there's audio coming out of the HP output and you can plug it into active monitors, but that's not what it's made for, hence the problems.
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    There is a reason why theres a headphone and a line output.
    The headphone output amplifies. The line putput does not.
    So, of course they saturate, since your monitors are active. They are already amplified. So you are amplifying an already amplified signal.

    This does not make sense.

    So if you do not have a line output, BEAT16 is correct, as long as you need all those features of an audio interface.
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    Just get a cheap behringer audio interface for 30$
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    This is the most I can get IMG_1826.jpeg
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    So I have to set them to 0.0dB?
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    On the product page, you will notice that the volume is set to 0db for their promo images. This squares with what is in the manual and, what I recommrnended.

    Under the "Setup" menu, you should see a "Factory Reset" option in the lower left of the screen.
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    Custom Amplifier with Limiter
    At the core, a newly designed, powerful yet efficient custom Class D power amplifier drives the speakers evenly and more efficiently at reduced operating temperatures and improves audio integrity. A custom built-in Brickwall Limiter automatically engages at maximum amp-level to maintain a balanced sound, protect the system, and deliver improved and wider dynamics.


    Just purchased a pair of KRK rokits. What dB should I have them on when bedroom dj’ing?

    As far as I know you can turn them all the way up, and I'm pretty sure that the dB trim screw on KRKs is a gain stage limiter that goes to 0 dB the same way that power amps on pro sound systems work where you normally run them turned all the way up and control the volume at the source signal from a mixer or preamp.

    It's not a volume knob - it's a limiter that you turn down.

    However you don't really want or need to turn it all the way up unless you really need them louder or your mixer or source is too quiet or something. Keeping it at like 75% is usually more than enough for most sound cards, controllers and mixers. They're not really meant to be blasted loud like sound system speakers. You can actually damage speakers if you push them too hard and send clipped signals or don't carefully manage your sound levels at the source.

    Pro sound systems deal with this by using devices called limiters that will prevent too loud of a sound from leaving the mixer to keep speakers from blowing out if a DJ redlines their mixer or someone does something dumb like pulling live audio cables.

    ust anything under 0. Control your levels from the mixer and don't ever let it hit the red.

    You can leave it at -3 or even -6 to get some headroom and protect them from potential clipping. Keep in mind that you can also send clipping signals from your mixer so keep an eye on that as well.
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