Korg D1 digital piano, a game changer?

Discussion in 'Instruments' started by Ziko, Feb 26, 2018.


Is the Korg D1 the best affordable digital piano by far?

  1. Absolutely YES!

  2. Absolutely NO!

  3. Maybe / It depends

  1. Ziko

    Ziko Guest

    Hi guys,

    This is a new product on the market. The Korg D1 digital piano features the RH3 key action which is the same action found on the more expensive Korgs (Kronos for example). This action has been said to be superior than everything else on the market at this price range (€599), even better than Kawai and Casio which make great actions.

    What caught my attention about this piano, is its compact size (only 5.04 inches / 12.8cm in height) thanks to its speakerless design Korg says, which is perfect for a lot of people who want to put their piano on their computer desk, the only other keyboard i could find that has nearly the same height is Roland A-88 which in the other hand is the longest keyboard i have ever seen, also the Roland makes no sound and the action on it is old and not nearly as good as the RH3.

    IMO, i think for €599, Korg beats all the other brands at this price, simply because this piano has the best action and the smallest size of all.

    So what do you guys think? Does the Korg D1 deserve to be the winner?

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  3. ovalf

    ovalf Platinum Record

    Feb 27, 2012
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    pro cheap
    good if you only want a piano
    first time a good piano under 1000 usd (I am really hungry dad)

    cons no slider
    pcm based, no modeling
    only one dial nkob
    no env pedal port
    bad if you want more than a piano
    no aftertouch
    no pitch bend or mdo whels/joystick

    for something more the options are pricey ones like Kronos, montage and RD2000.
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  4. Ziko

    Ziko Guest

    I agree, i made my opinion based on action and size alone which i think are enough to make this a great cheap portable piano and only a piano.
    It is also worth mentioning that no USB port in this unit.
  5. Olymoon

    Olymoon Impossible is not a fact. It is an opinion. Staff Member

    Jan 31, 2012
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    2018 !!! :woot:
  6. safran5020

    safran5020 Platinum Record

    Dec 15, 2011
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    La Belle Province
    You haven't talked about THE MOST IMPORTANT thing about a piano : How does it sound ?
    No USB but at least it has MIDI in/out.
  7. Matt777

    Matt777 Rock Star

    Oct 17, 2015
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    YMMV. But for me, there are some essentials.. the feel, the features (those, tightly related to the "instrument" - how is the pedaling, maybe expression ..a joystick/pitch/mod) and, if there is the sound, the quality. (guess the sound is probably a strong point here)

    I am looking for my secondary "weekend" studio master keyboard, 88-hammer is a must because I play piano ..and I can't spend much more than this. For a studio 'board though, it should have some controls handy. This "Nord Piano" wannabe design is usually used live in conjunction with other keyboards and almost never as a studio master. Just too many cons.. :/

    "...ideal for daily practice or performing live" - Korg. Kinda honest. Not for pro pianists obv - there only a real piano counts..
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  8. Ziko

    Ziko Guest

    I think i missed an important point here which is the piano's sound quality, and that's because i look at this keyboard only as a controller as i was considering buying Roland A-88 that has no sound at all just for its slim design alone, but now i know that i can get something a lot better in every way with less money!

    I think Korg D1 is the best option for people who only need a piano with a great action without breaking the pockets. I can't see why pro pianists wouldn't enjoy a RH3 keybed.

    Also, most of the digital pianos at the price range don't offer you a pitch/mod wheel anyway.
  9. Army of Ninjas

    Army of Ninjas Rock Star

    Sep 24, 2013
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    A series of tubes
    Cool board. I like the size factor and keys. Depending on the price range it could be a winner for you. Personally, although I think USB ought to be standard on, uh, everything at this point, I also don't mind it missing so badly as long as there is good old 5-pin MIDI. My audio interface has MIDI i/o (and I have a couple of USB MIDI interfaces lying around as well, on a side note, the yamaha ux16 has served me wonderfully for like 20 years). So I would probably use that for simplicity's sake in my setup even if USB were present. However, it's nice to have the option.

    For a small board with great keys it'll get the job done for sure. I wish it had USB but that isn't life or death. Good board overall.
  10. taskforce

    taskforce Audiosexual

    Jan 27, 2016
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    Studio 54
    With no USB and no pitch/mod control the D1 lacks a lot when doubling as a midi controller, its use is clearly targeted towards gigging pianists who want to travel light.
    My selection in this category would take a couple of hundred more (about 900 euros) and it's the Studiologic Numa Stage. It's 3 kilos less than the D1 so more portable, it features a proven professional grade hammer action keybed, 10 velocity curves with 3 of them being editable, 2 zones split, some good acoustic and electric piano sounds + auxilliary sounds like clav/organ/bass, 128 notes polyphony, USB and midi connectivity and pitch+mode wheels for controller action.
    Numa stage.jpg
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  11. Olaf

    Olaf Kapellmeister

    Jun 5, 2011
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    Looks like an LP-380 without stand, speakers and pedals. And if you're into a compact size, there is also a 73 keys version (here for €373), so €699 doesn't look too good now... Moreover, the D1 is obviously not available before June.
    RH3 is a decent action, but in my opinion not on par with Yamaha's GH3 or Kawai's RM3. Speaking of which, the VPC1 with RM3II (three sensors) is the best piano-style master keyboard I ever played.
  12. fraifikmushi

    fraifikmushi Audiosexual

    Jul 17, 2014
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    A digital piano without hammer action? No way Jose!
  13. Ziko

    Ziko Guest

    Wow that looks GREAT. Everyday a new discovery. Thank you my friend :thumbsup:

    What do you mean? RH3 is a hammer action, and a good one :woot:
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