Kontrol MK2 customizing parameter mapping of white buttons

Discussion in 'Instruments' started by RayRay, Jan 20, 2018.

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    Jan 20, 2018
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    Running legit 1.9.3 Native Instruments Kontrol software with the newer MK2 keyboard controller, I am able to load a third part VST plugin and use the default mapping of synth parameters just fine. But I do not like how they are mapped by default across 16 pages. I want to customize this mapping of the knobs AND use the top row of white buttons on my controller.

    Is setting up a custom midi map the only way to utilize that top row of buttons? Has anyone found a good tutorial video for this process if I decide to use the Kontrol MK2 in the midi controller mode vs NKS through Kontrol software?

    In the Kontrol software I see how to make my own customized settings through the Performance View by hitting the lock button in the upper right and assigning KNOBS to features of my VST. I also see how to clearly label them.

    What I am NOT able to do with this method is assign functions to the WHITE BUTTONS above my screens on my MK2 controller.

    a) the MK1 controller did not have these buttons, only knobs, so it may be a feature they simply have not implemented in the Kontrol software YET.

    b) Maybe they do not plan to allow us to map these in NKS mode, only in Midi controller mode.

    I am looking to see if anyone has any word on this subject. Has anyone found a way to utilize this row of buttons while still using the Kontrol software?

    I am aware the controller editing software does NOT APPLY to the MK2 controller as of version 1.9 of the Kontrol software. Now editing of a custom Midi map is done by hitting the midi symbol (upper right) in the Kontrol software itself. Here you can assign midi control numbers to the knobs AND buttons, but the process of knowing what CC is needed for each of my VST elements is not obvious, nor is it clear that I can label the knobs/buttons and save it as a preset for the VST. Nor do I know how to select my custom midi mapping over the default NKS mapping next time I load the VST.

    input/advice appreciated.