Kontakt Library for spicatto strings Loops/Phrases with patches in all keys

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    WEBSITE - www.peppybeats.com

    Kontakt Library Name - Dramatic Strings (tempo-synced loops/phrases in all keys)

    Price - 15 US Dollars

    Product Link - https://www.peppybeats.com/product/dramatic-strings-phrases-all-keys-kontakt/

    Link to test a free version in D# key - https://www.peppybeats.com/product/dramatic-strings-phrases-d-minor-kontakt/

    Library Description

    Compatibility – Kontakt 6.0.4 or above

    PeppyBeats has finally released the Kontakt instrument ‘Dramatic strings’ with patches in all the Keys. This is our Loop/Phrase-based instrument consisting of spiccato patterns spread across the keys and we have also covered one-shots to end a loop with sustain. This meticulously crafted spiccato strings has a thick and fat sound in the lower octaves and lush silky yet cut-through sound on the higher side. For music producer who need some instant inspiration to compose a promising epic dramatic soundtrack, having a beautiful strings part, which is groovy, is a must but creating a great strings parts in spiccato fashion would take hours to design and for those who do not have the required playing skills would not be able at all to create professional strings parts. And we know this that is why we have painstakingly crafted these loops for you to make your music creation process fun. No matter what is the root key of your song, we have the loops in all the 12 keys C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C#, D#, F#, G#, A#The loops are in minor scale and are tempo-synced so they will sync perfectly with your project-tempo these loops are recorded at 100 bpm and are primarily meant for higher tempos. So these loops will sound great at any tempo from 100 or above.