Kontakt crack keygen vs binaries replacement approach

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    Mar 8, 2018
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    I have legit Komplete 8 for my mac and windows laptops with a cracked 5.3 on my mac (side by side). Now I need to update the mac and windows version to the same cracked version (preferably 5.6.*). My recollection is that I just needed to replace the binaries, but searching for torrents, I'm only finding versions that involve a keygen or an installer or a disk image (dmg). Those methods seem a little sketchy (irony?).

    Some questions:
    1. Can I not get the cracked binaries anymore?
    2. What advantages do the keygen approach have?
    3. What affect would this have on my existing installation?
    4. Is side by side possible anymore if I need to have some shared registration between cracked and legit?
    5. Anybody point me in a good direction?