KONTAKT: Backup your .nicnt and wallpaper files (wIndows.cmd file)

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    Hi guys

    I created a small Windows command script that will backup the .nicnt and wallpaper files from your KONTAKT libraries. You will have to edit the backup_nicnt_and_wallpaper.cmd to suit your needs. Edit the stuff marked in bold.

    Content of backup_nicnt_and_wallpaper.cmd


    SET "ZIPEXE=%OneDrive%\KONTAKT_NICNT\7z.exe"

    "%ZIPEXE%" u -r "%BACKUP_TO%\kontakt.zip" "%KONTAKT%\*.nicnt" "%KONTAKT%\wallpaper.*"
    "%ZIPEXE%" u -r "%BACKUP_TO%\kontakt6.zip" "%KONTAKT6%\*.nicnt" "%KONTAKT6%\wallpaper.*"


    You will need 7zip.exe (attached) for this. Just this ONE 7zip.exe file. Not a complete installation of 7-Zip!

    7zip.exe.zip attached as well.

    OneDrive is a Windows environment variable. It points to your OneDrive folder. In my case it's

    The %OneDrive% is just how you reference it in a .cmd or .bat file

    To see all environment variables open a command prompt as administrator and type
    set <enter>

    My KONTAKT 5 libs are located in
    G:\VSTi Patches\KONTAKT

    My KONTAKT 6 libs are located in
    G:\VSTi Patches\KONTAKT6

    The 7zip.exe and the backup_nicnt_and_wallpaper.cmd are located in my OneDrive in a subfolder called KONTAKT_NICNT. This folder is also where i backup my files to. The backup files are named kontakt.zip and kontakt6.zip.

    The 2 backup files get updated when you run the backup_nicnt_and_wallpaper.cmd script. This means that new files are added to the backups. Existing files in the backups get updated IF they have changed (are newer than the ones in the backup). Backups of libs you may have deleted will remain in the backup (intentional).

    The folder structure of the backup(s) will be the same as your library to keep it simpler to find the correct .nicnt and wallpaper.* files (should you need them).

    Enjoy and keep safe
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