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    Hi guys

    I have installed the last version of kontakt 6 and the version 5.8

    I downloaded a cracked expansion of " Rast sound persian vocals" and i generated the library ( kontakt didnt read the folder , so i downloaded a tool for do it ) and after install them, i can only see it on kontakt 5.9 but when i open it, ask for a newer version.. If i go to the last version, its not showed on the list ( i add the library to the database, rescanned, and i see it only in native acess)

    What can i do?

    I have windows.

    Thanks so much in advance
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    Please delete the v5.8, one version of Kontakt is enough. You only use one version of Kontakt.
    Please always use the last version of Kontakt.

    Setting the visibility of the library
    Note: This option is available from KONTAKT 5.6.8.

    1. In KONTAKT, open Preferences (Mac) / Options (Win) and select the Libraries tab .
    2. Make sure that all libraries that should be displayed in the library browser are selected.

    In our example, Action Strikes is deselected and is therefore not displayed in KONTAKT's library browser.

    The library must be converted from demo to full version
    In some cases, after restarting KONTAKT, libraries may no longer be displayed in the library browser or switch to demo mode unexpectedly. If so, follow these steps:

    1. Install the latest KONTAKT version. This is available via Native Access .
    2. Close Native Access and restart Native Access. After you have signed in, Native Access updates your product database in the background. This process can take a few minutes.
    3. Start the standalone KONTAKT application. All libraries are now available again.
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