Kontact 5.6.0 vs 5.6.6 ? (for good-old libs)

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    Hi everyone,
    new in the forum and newbie in this matter :)

    In your opinion which one is better in order to add "good-old" libraries? 5.6.0 or 5.6.6???
    I'm asking this because I have an old 5.6.6 mac installer but recently I've found a "6.0.4 + 5.6.0" mac pack (clearly who made the pack preferred 5.6.0 over 5.6.6 for some reasons...)

    Instinctively I'd go for 6.0.4. + 5.6.0 pack, but my situation is a bit more complicated: I have an old mac with 5.6.6 and all my "good-old" libraries (samples are in an external drive). My idea was to simply connect the external drive with samples to the new 6.0.4+5.6.0 mac, and "copy & paste" the installed libraries (the part installed onto the OS) from the old mac to the new one.

    Question 1: is it possible to "copy & paste" the OS libraries from v5.6.6 to v5.6.0? Or is it possible only between identical versions?

    Question 2: in order to do this "drag & drop" which are the folders to be copied (in osx)? Or is it preferable to re-install every single library?

    Thanks a lot for your help.
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