Komplete Kontrol, Maschine Jam, Traktor S5 Cracked Kontakt

Discussion in 'DJ equipment' started by josh hardin, Jan 14, 2018.

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    Jan 14, 2018
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    Hey guys, next week I am purchasing the above hardware for my sets. I have like 4 kontakt libraries that I use that are cracked that I will be buying in February, but until then I just need the easiest and safest way to have everything work without losing any data in my logic projects. I have 100 track songs with extremely dialed in presets that I am currently waiting to get vocals back for so I can finish mixing and mastering and I really want to use my new toys but I don't want to mess anything up! Would it be possible to install everything normally and just not update kontakt or use it with my hardware until I purchase the libraries just to avoid any hassle? Like I can just stick with massive and whatever else comes in komplete select and leave kontakt other than to mess with those projects without using the hardware until I purchase the libraries?