Keygen's, viruses and keyboards

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    While yesterday in a thread a "guest" suggested that R2R KG's contain viruses, and several users (me too) denied this of course, my cursor suddenly started to "wander" uncontrollably....
    First in one window, then in another, then again in another.... :wtf:
    I thought: "What the hell is this?" ...a virus? - surely not from a R2R KG, but maybe from a script of a web - site? - Oh shit! :unsure:
    It was not a virus, but the spring of my Space - key (old venerable Logitech G19) had given up the ghost after many years... :sad:
    I replaced it with a (spare) HP OMEN Encoder, and all was well again...
    Although I'm not superstitious, I still scanned with KVRT afterwards. :rofl:
    Of course, everything was fine.

    In retrospect, I'm actually glad, because (with my toilet lid-sized paws) I hit the keys much better on the OMEN. :yes:
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