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Discussion in 'Reaper' started by lysergyk, Sep 25, 2012.

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    Jun 19, 2011
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    I use a "stock" version of Reaper and I'd be interested in knowing how more advanced/heavy users have customized their reaper so that it suits their ways.

    ...things like the shortcuts you use most or maybe the ones you found out by chance and that are really handy? (I may learn a bunch I've never heard of!)
    or the shortcuts you have created ( to do what)?
    the enhancements/modifications you have done to improve your workflow / experience in reaper?

    the list remains open ofc as long as it's about tips to work / compose with reaper in an easier and quicker manner....

    as we all have different ways of working, I expect some very different things, but that's the point.

    thank you all for your input.
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    Jun 21, 2011
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    Taking the following pdf as a basis:
    I'd first go through the list, check what's important for me and change the shortcuts so I can
    type them more easily, especially for non-US keyboards, where some special characters
    sometimes require awkward key combinations.

    Unfortunately, many great keyboard shortcuts and macros are wildly spread over the
    Reaper Forum, and - like you maybe - till today I haven't found a nice summary of all that.

    Maybe we can do this in a joint effort and have a few of us pull them out and list them "by subject"?
    Although this should likely be done in the Reaper forum directly...

    BTW, I recently discovered these shortcuts to edit and split *rhythmic* loops (much like in Recycle):
    TAB for going to the next transient in the clip
    M for marking the position
    S for splitting at the current play cursor
    [ for jumping to the next marker
    ] for going back to the previous marker

    My workflow for slicing using these shortcuts would then be:
    - Zoom in deep enough so only a few transients of the clip you're editing cover the screen width
    - Trim a the clip start to the first transient
    - Tab to go to the next slice (adjust the transient detection settings!)
    - fine-adjust, if necessary and hit S (Split)
    - do so for all transients or beats or whatever split points you want

    Using scripting, you can define your own macro in case you're not satisfied with the built-ins.

    There's much more to this subject in Reaper, like automatic split functions which
    are nicely explained in:

    And that's only one little aspect of the gigantic Reaper functionality ;-D
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    yep, that'd be the idea indeed. Thanks a lot for your input :wink:
  5. Trilha

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    Hi lysergyk:
    Aside the good info posted above, REAPER have other usefull way for you use keyboard shortcuts.
    I´m talking about the Actions. It can be only one command per Action but also can be so many commands per Action, when are named of Custom Actions (or Macro).
    Both the simple and composite Actions can be assigned for a keyboard shortcut. To make this, go to Actions menu in REAPER, locate de simple action you wish assig to a shortcut for select it, click in the Add button (in the Shortcuts for selected action box), press the key you wish assign to the action (it will be showed in the view and click the Ok button.
    If the key isn´t already in use for other function, the choosed key will be showed at the left side of the Action name and pressing it will run the Action. With the Macros the procedure is the same.
    So, complex edits can be made in REAPER with only one key press. By example: you made a Custom Action (Macro) with the actions: "item: select all items in track", "SWS/FNG: move selected itens to edit cursor", "Xenakios/SWS: split itens at transients", save the Macro as "Select + Split at transients" and assigned the shortcut SHIFT + N for it. When you need to make all these editions, you need only select the track where the edition will be made and press SHIFT + N and all these edits will be performed.
    I hope this can be useful.
  6. CoffinSupply

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    I mostly use Ctr+P :)
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