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    Dec 3, 2018
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    Completely new here but struggling to find the answer so an advice massively appreciated.

    I have been looking for a new master keyboard for a while. I spend approx 50% of my time playing/practising more traditional piano, the rest of the time messing around with synths/virtual instruments via my DAW (logic).

    I have a limited budget ($600) but am looking for a new 88 key midi controller/keyboard which has a good piano 'feel' - so either semi weighted or preferably hammer keys - but also something with some DAW controls onboard - pads, mod wheels, transport buttons and so on. Something like the Arturia Keylab or Komplete would be great but sadly outside of my budget. Had aslo looked at the LX88 Nektar but have been put off by the reviews of the keys (problems with velocity and so on) and possibly the cheaper build quality.

    So I wondered whether its is possible/practical to split my requirements across two controllers. So for example purchasing a good standard electric piano ($300-400) with a midi connection and then supplementing this with say a seperate 25 key midi controller ($100) with knobs, pads and so on. This works out as a cheaper option so far

    However the big question I have is whether its possible to have two instruments connected to my mac via USB operating the same software instrument at the same time in logic on the same midi channel. So for example I use the main 88 key master keyboard to 'play' the instrument and the smaller controller to affect its sound, change articulations and so on. Does that make any kind of sense at all - seen lots of advice as to playing different software instruments with different keyboards at same time but not being able to control the same instrument via two controllers

    Thanks in advance!