Is there an app to organise VST3?

Discussion in 'Software' started by babybrown, Jun 14, 2018.

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    Jun 13, 2011
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    Just downloaded the new SpeakUp plugin from Audified and couldln't find it in my VST folder. After a while I realised that it is AU, AAX and VST3 only. Just like Autotune.

    My question is: What happens when we have to make the switch completely? I hear you cannot organise VST3 in any way at all. Only if your DAW has Manufacturer in the menu (like Cubase, I think).
    Is there a workaround or an app to organise?

    I have all my VST beautifully organised into folder by manufacturer and then under my SPECIALS folder (inside VST main folder) I have very organised list like MODERN SYNTHS and VINTAGE SYNTHS, COMP etc. Inside COMP I have different heading LIKE OPTO, VCA etc. I love how I can find what I need if I know specifically what I'm looking for or if I don't. It's great that I may end up using a Synapse Legend rather than an Arturia when I look under SYNTH/Moog.

    Frankly I don't like this whole vibe... I'd love to know if anyone else has a workaround. Can this organisation be achieved in Akai VIP, perhaps? - or maybe using NI Komplete Kontrol? Perhaps an app like Auganizer?

    What do you guys think?