Is there a more updated Kontakt Snpid List than the one in the Wallpaper thread?

Discussion in 'Kontakt' started by belinea2010, Sep 3, 2021.

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    I'm asking this in a new thread so it does not clog up the wallpaper request thread. Op's feel free to move it it appropiate.

    Is there a more updated Kontakt Snpid List than the one in the Wallpaper request thread?

    I have tried to add two librarys to my kontakt using Abyss Kontakted to make the nicnt file with wallpaper
    downloaded from that thread.

    I made up various Snpid's making sure none were on the official list from that thread but
    none of the librarys show up in the library tabs of Kontakt 5 or 6.

    The Snpid's I hve tried are E759, E780 EY59, KJ72, KJ001

    Interestingly E758 worked perfectly for Kirk Hunter pop Rock Strings.
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    ALL SNPID # are 3/THREE characters!
    Block caps at the start are often used by official .nicnt.
    Check the .xml: it will have knocked off one of your 4 characters!

    Yes, there are other SNPID lists that have been uploaded here.
    Please use the Search function.
    If you had typed "SNPID" in the thread title, other threads may have shown under this thread!
    How will people search for your thread in the future?
    With your new abbreviation of SNPID to Snpid?
    Which makes me wonder how you were using the Search function!
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    ooooh... yes, this list is exist... on your computer hdd!
    and at any other computer with installed kontakt and native access.
    and anyone at anytime can open and read it.