Is the Roland TB-03 Boutique worth buying?

Discussion in 'Instruments' started by Bunford, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Recently drifted into making techno and acid house influenced stuff and been using things like the ABL3 and Phoscyon plugins but considering a hardware unit. However, just wondering a couple of things:

    1. Is it actually any good, as the demos and other boutique stuff seems generally good to me?

    2. How does the MIDI work? I am asking as I normally prefer to send MIDI notes and remote controls from Ableton to hardware units and then send the audio back into Ableton, i.e. MIDI out from Ableton to MIDI in on the TB-03 and Audio Out from the TB-03 to an input on my audio interface and routed to Ableton. Can this be done over the USB, or would I need to use the 5 pin MIDI port?

    It is mainly the latter point that is most important as need it to fit into the workflow.
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