Is storing my data on SSD safer than on HDD?

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    Recently SSDs are getting much cheaper and one could ask himself if it's now time to switch from HDD to SSD.
    For me the question was quite easy to answer, because I've had some severe problems with HDDs the last years. HDDs definitely have wear and a lifespan of around 3 to 5 years only.
    So I have switched my built in mass storage and my portable drives to SSD.
    The only HHDs I've got left are built in the 24 TB NAS I operate.

    Besides speed, is SSD really more secure as it seems on the first look?
    It depends.
    First, there are differences in manufacturers and product lines (home use or enterprise use). In General the Enterprise drives will last twice as Long as home users SSDs.

    But there is a simple trick how you can enhance the life span of your SSD yourself a lot. Just don't fill it too much. Leaving 20% of the drive empty will triple the life span of your drive.

    Have a look at this interesting Video:

    By the way: No media lasts forever. If you have valuable data and the loss is catastrophic for you, backup on a day-to-day Basis to at least two physical media at best not in the same Building.
    For me it's a habit to place all programs/OS on the first drive and all data on the second drive.
    While it's ok to save the program/OS only twice, I use a generations scheme for my data (around 14 days giving 14 versions) so I can revert to a given time if I've done something wrong with it (deleted, changed). I learned that backup Mania the hard way years ago when I was a self employed programmer and lost one full month of work
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