Is FL Studio good for Orchestral Music production?

Discussion in 'FL Studio' started by GetWrekt1, Sep 11, 2020.

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    Hah, damn straight. Most communities on discord in general kinda suck ass unless they're moderated properly. And in the case of this server, even the mods jump in the FL bad bandwagon. I do plan to leave them but I'm thinking of an in your face way of saying y'all are trash before I do

    Mate... impeccable argument. I don't think there's a better way to put it there than what you just said!
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    Sampled Orchestration vs Real Orchestration?
    Pretty much any DAW can do it with sampled Orchestration.
    To do it with a 128 channel desk and anywhere from a microphone on every instrument to only on sections, requires a grunty system and a DAW geared towards doing that. As many good orchestrators and scorers who have shown it is possible to create realistic scores, often they have hired a lead trumpet and string quartet to double the samples.... there are many options. I do not know of many full Orchestra recordings (real orchestra) where Fruity Loops, Reaper, Studio One or Ableton have been used so you'd have to ask someone who has or knows someone who has.
    As far as I know the full Orchestral recordings are done on ProTools, Logic or Cubase, though I do not see any reason why any DAW could not do it with the right hardware and outboard gear.
    As for simulated Orchestra, to repeat, any DAW suffices as long as the latency and RAM is good because if you hand score,or write and then play in, or dump from your scoring program, the more vst's and instruments, the bigger the load.

    EDIT: When I say 'the right hardware and outboard gear,' it means a setup capable of recording a 128 piece orchestra with at least 64 microphone channels simultaneously in real-time with next to no latency.
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    theres absolutely no issues making orchestral music in fl studio .

    i make experimental hybrid chiptune , and futuristic thematic music as a hobbyist ,and the only issues ive ran into is not caring about mixing and mastering cause i convinced myself to make wall of sound everything , or my pc not being able to run more than 4 kontakt instances

    this one i figured out the patcher and all the automation .
    Tweak bench triforce,peach.
    Edirol orchestral.
    Papalmedia strings, ira brochen soundfonts.
    Like all the nes vst I could find back in 2004.
    Dsk strings and horns.
    Yamaha final master ...because fuck it , let’s do ac/dc style mastering.
    I think the old speakerphone vst by audioease?.

    all made in one pattern block

    more recent is another soundcloud and facebook but....the world is small
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    OT, but I always thought that meant "Help!" in a childish pronounciation?
    I think there is even an emoji for Welp, just not here.
    Just as :woot: =Wut/Woot if you hover over it.
    Yet some people say "Woot" as "Hooray" type of thing; not "What?".
    Confuses me. As if I'm not confused by things anyway.

    My 2¢ is that any daw is capable of doing what the op wants to do.
    Yet, as a Logic user, even though it started to change re. artics from 10.4 onwards and is now better, I really like how Cubase deals with articulations.
    Although all daws can do orchestration work, I'd say that Cubase is best equipped for it.
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    That's not really true at all. Some daws have absolutely tools that are correcting your mistakes or helping you during the composition process. I quess you want daws that could make music for you fast and automatically. No, please, hahaha. If that happens, then most people will be even more lazy, whereby music is going to sound even more simple, not original and boring.
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    I don't know if what I'm about to say will answer your query, but I'll say it anyway. I have been using FL Studio for a long, long time, yet producer, client, and EDM are not even in my lexicon. I do use FL to record strings and brass though, and the end result is always great. I use some strings and brass as backing tracks for my live shows, in both epic numbers and quiet and low tempo ballads. I have a Roland-A88 connected to my home-studio, and I just record Kontakt strings (following a click-track), as MIDI into FL. Sometimes I want to change some parts of my MIDI recording, so I just jump into the piano-roll and quickly and easily edit the notes that I want to change.

    After I am happy with the recording I EQ the track and apply basic VST FX. I then render it to a WAV file and run it through my PA to finally judge it. Turns out great and very realistic every time. Just remember, Tchaikovsky didn't use FL or S1 or Reaper to arrange and 'produce' his songs... I think he just used an Atari 1040-ST with a quill pen.
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