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    Hey man sorry I just saw this reply. I've actually launched my own website now where all my courses and tutorials are on

    I'm actually trying to break free of udemy.

    my website is so check it out and let me know if you have any feedback for me. It's still a new site so will need some tweaks and testing but for now it is fully functional
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    like to chat im in similar situation as yourself like to shoot the blank sometime

    have you ever noticed most people overlook something regarding working with the transients of a track in such a way is to have the transients of a track equal thickness through the track? for example say you track a snare drum and the click part is really thin but the lower body is real thick transient most people would start eqing and compressing , but myself and wondering if you do this i would first get the transients of the snare equal across the entire spectrum such that the upper click is same thickness as the lower body, i would do this by stacking analog vst or hardware tube, tape, transistors, transformers, such that each one is barely noticeable soloed but when stacked like 5 or 6 maybe it adds up to work with the fine grain detail of the snare making the transient same width throughout the spectrum and also transparent natural compression i consider this part of my gain staging from there i never need to use compressor with higher value than 2:1 ratio because the fine grain detail is done i only use compressor next for the next level up mid grain detail of the track just wondering you take on this . i have found this particular way of dealing with fine grain detail of the sound of a mix to treat the transient separate from the frequency response, then i need to only use broad eq shelving and light compression. ( method varies of course based in the track itself how much to do to what and when)
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