Im building a studio and i need some help with equipment selection

Discussion in 'Studio' started by KarateChop, Feb 14, 2017.

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    How true!
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    I think there is something fundamental being left out here:
    What is @KarateChop going to record?
    Bands? Drums? Gits? Then you need more microphones.
    Voice, probably your own? Is it going to be a project studio for your own solo project? Then you don't need as much channels and I would switch the consoles for an analog summing mixer and a daw controller, freeing funds you can invest into monitoring.
    Speaking of monitoring. Don't home in on specific monitors yet. There are two ways to approach this: either you plan and build the room in symbiosis with the monitors, or you build the room first and then choose monitors, after trying them out in your studio
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    Sorry if I sound like a party pooper, but I think better planning is required if any (real) purchase is about to happen:

    @KarateChop is listing SSL 40-input desks (plus another console and desk !), but choosing to buy just 2 vocal mics, one analog preamp and one bus compressor.

    What are the other 38 inputs for? Either a bigger and harder-to-put-together mic cabinet needs to be considered, or like said before, a smaller interface. Without a question, pro studios draw the line from home studios not by their input count alone, but rather by the analog mic/preamp/processor collection per input channel they offer.

    Like suggested before, you need to define priorities and necessities before your list could be serious.
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    This is good advice, because some rooms just cant handle some monitors properly.
  5. dondada

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    six grand for 32ch io and a bit of dsp seems "overkill" to me. since we still dont know what it is you want to do.
    my guess is you expect a lot of mixing jobs. + some recording so how abput this scenario.
    wait a few months and get the slate 8ch io bundle with 6 mics for 3k. and ad the orion 32 for under 2k.
    that still left you with 1 or 2k for some uad dsp.
    just an idea ;)
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