I made a Rack for basic noise sweeps, felt it was worth sharing

Discussion in 'Live' started by Cav Emp, May 29, 2016.

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    I spend a lot of time building stuff from scratch when it would be a lot more practical to just save a preset and recall it later. I ran into this in another thread about frequency splitters where a member served up a nice "no shit" moment regarding saving a rack with band-soloed multiband compressors

    So here's my little sweep machine. The only parameter whose use is not immediately obvious is the eighth macro 'Verb On' which actually disables Analog as well (which is of course being used as the noise generator). This is because I like to do builds that rise and then suddenly go silent on a drum hit or something. Fun.

    Anyway, most people here are pretty advanced and many are much more advanced than I am, but maybe this will be a useful convenience for some people.

    Disclaimer: This rack uses UVI Sparkverb. Obviously if you don't have Sparkverb, you can easily replace it with native Reverb or something else and then just map the on/off switch
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