I Made 10 Free Dubstep Presets For Serum Because Why Not...

Discussion in 'Working with Sound' started by Tyler Fingerle, Jun 28, 2018.

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    I decided to throw out 10 of my personal Serum presets for anybody that might be interested.

    Most of these presets I've created for and used in my dubstep production, but I believe I threw in one of my future bass synths as well.

    If you just skip through the presets, and don't at least experiment with the preset macros, then you will seriously overlook their full-potential.

    (Important) In order to hear how they were intended to be heard (with the exception of 2), open up your DAW, and create a 4 bar continuous midi note at F1 (and then loop it) preferably at 150BPM.

    (The reason for this is because I create my own automation within Serum and not the DAW, this includes both pitch and rhythm changes, so I strongly advise that you play it how I had it, and then make changes after you are familiar with it.)

    The 2 sounds that are exceptions to the above notice are the plucking beast sound which is intended to be quickly plucked (try drawing in a quick melody within C1-C0), and the bass preset, which is just a sub bass preset that I occasionally use.

    These sounds are more for demonstration purposes. They're not my best, but they at least show what I can do. More specifically: the amount of different sounds and rhythms you can get with just one preset.

    because of how much automation I have thrown into these presets, it is recommended that you play with them on a computer that can handle it. If it takes up too much CPU, then try lowering the quality from 4x to 2x or 1x(draft) in the global options.

    I really hope that you guys enjoy these, and let me know what you think, which ones are your favorite, and if you'd like me to release more (because I have a lot of them, and they only get better...)

    and if you use them in your work, i'd love to check it out

    You can download the file from my Google Drive account here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uxdjUCFG5eohAe60FiXtTb2iZIEoNmC4

    If the link doesn't work then let me know asap.

    I have been designing sounds for almost 7 years now, and i have recently started my own personal project known as SalaS, check it out on Soundcloud if you'd like to support us. I should be releasing a lot of new songs soon. thanks.
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